Fuel Lines and Rudder Fairings

Today I extended the total fuel line foot count by a few more inches. First I hooked up the fuel valve on the passenger side

Pilot side fuel line

and extended it to the next compartment

Pax side fuel line

Where the fuel lines come down from the wing, there needs to be a drain since it will be a low point on the plane where we can test for water in the fuel. The drain is made up of a tee, some fittings and a sump.

Fuel sumps waiting to install

Not much room behind the seat channel with the baggage floor riveted in but I was able to drill a hole and get the sump screwed into the tee. You can kinda see in this picture

Pax fuel line

It probably needs to be a bit tighter, could do with a second person to give a hand.

Pax side sump

A discussion the day before with Allen led to an idea to get the tail section finished so we could rivet and bolt for a final time. Other than some vinyl the only thing outstanding are a couple of fairings on the rudder.

The plans and the photo guide don’t help much with these – I can’t find anything about the upper fairing at all – so I used a combination of the scant plans and pictures/video.

The lower fairing installs pretty easy, push the flanges under the rudder skin and back drill through to make the hole.

Lower rudder fairing

A bit of nostalgia – I needed to bring the hole finder out to locate the bottom hole.

Drilling the hidden hole

The upper fairing installs the same, though I had to take out some rivets. Note that for installation both fairings install on the outside of the rudder skin.

Here’s the pilot side

Upper rudder fairing

and the passenger side

Poorly drilled upper rudder fairing

Note that the holes are not down the centre of the flange at all and while I suppose it is fit for purpose I will buy a replacement and next time I will take the elevator off so I can see where the flange is rather than guess.