Day 7: Nose Skin Assembly (2.5 h)

While attempting to fix the nose skin to the spar I realised that the wooden beams I had been using to lay the rudder on were not flat at all. The instructions are very specific that they must be flat and level or you risk putting a twist in the rudder, so rather than carry on I decided to get some metal beams and after a little research I ordered 4 2″x4′ steel beams online.

Getting the nose skin in the right place was a little tricky but I eventually got it lined up in a way that I thought was correct. I clamped it in place before checking that the nose rib was perpendicular to the spar.

Once in place I drilled out all the holes and cleco’d the skins in place. In preparation for trimming I marked where the nose skin overhung the tip rib. I then disassembled the whole thing for trimming and deburring.