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Day 2: Rudder: Skeleton Assembly (2h 30m)

Day 2: Attach rudder horn to bottom rib; drill and cleco bottom rib to spar; installed rear ribs 2, 3, 4, and the nose rib; drilled bent stip and attached it and the tip rib to the spar. Rudder skeleton fully assembled. 2h 30m

Rudder on the Way

The rudder is on it’s way! Estimated delivery is July 12. Got a lot of prep work to do in the garage before we can get started.

Ordered The Rudder!

Well, I went and did it – I ordered the rudder starter kit from Zenith, along with some of the hand tools that I need to do the assembly. No idea how long it will take to arrive, I’ve had…

Build a plane, really?

The idea of building a plane has been in me for quite a long time but I’ve never really thought I could do it. I used to be an avid reader of (now defunct) and it was a gripping tale of a plane taking shape but it looked really really complicated. And then came this tweet.