More Door Stuff

Started off the day with wrapping the passenger door in the same scheme as the pilot side door. Halfway through attention was turned to the locking pin on the pilot side.

Allen’s idea for a fix was to cut some aluminum to match the shape of the bracket that holds the pin, and to cut a hole in it that matched the path we want the pin to travel, and then rivet it onto the bracket. This would keep the pin in the right direction, it can’t move into the larger space. I’ll post some pictures of this in the next entry as I forgot to take any today. Anyway, it works pretty good, no more problems with the door pin.

For a door latch, Allen had suggested that a barrel bolt might work, just using the male end which would go behind the cabin frame. So I went to Lowes and found a couple of 2″ ones that looked like they would work.

The latch needs to be raised up over the strengthening material in the door so I used some nuts to lift it up. It turns out that two is just about the perfect height.

Door bolt

When installed in the plane it slides very well over the frame and brings the door in quite close.

Door bolt latched

I did try with an extra nut in case that made things better but it was worse. Here’s the “gap” now with the bolt engaged

No gap when locked

I drilled the holes for the pilot side but didn’t have enough nuts to complete the installation.

Here’s the wrapped passenger door

Pax door wrapped

Finally I knocked some things off the to do list: I put locktite on the spinner screws, and I tidied up the pitot/static tube area with some zip ties.

Tidying some things up

The only things left on my to do list now are to rivet the doors on, put some sealant around the wing tip lights, and finish the wrapping on the bottom of the plane.