Day 31: More left inboard flaperon (1hr 30m)

Got a late start so did not do as much as I had anticipated, really thought I’d be done with the flaperons today (pending the replacement parts). Really not much to say… drilled out the holes in the control horn to their final size (A5 rivet).

After this I cut and drilled the L-angle which is fixed behind the control horn and to the rib, presumably to give more strength to the construction.

I made a mistake here but it was not a big one. The position of the L-angle is determined by sliding it under the skin and using the pre-drilled holes. I did that and then drilled the holes in the other side of the L-angle by using the pre-drilled holes in the top of the control horn. But…. the L-angle goes on top of the skin so the holes I drilled got shifted up by the width of the skin. Oops. Fortunately the error is pretty small and by the time the hole has been enlarged to A5 it was really no big deal.

Finally for the day I disassembled the whole thing and deburred the holes and applied corrosion protector. I ran out of protector during this phase so will need some more before I can reassemble and rivet and be done.

Almost at the 50 hr mark.