Day 60: Flaperon Repair Prep (35m)

Some of you might remember (yeah, who am I kidding about that) I made a mistake in a flaperon by measuring the control horn placement from the wrong point.

I’ve had the replacement horn and rib for some time now and with the elevator done for now I thought I would kill a little time in the summer hear and make the repair.

I started by drilling out the rivets holding the control horn to the rib but once it was off I realised that I had just wasted my time because all I had to do was remove the rib and let the horn come with it. I do have a perfectly usable control horn but since I ordered a new one I will discard it.

I’ve hit a snag though. In this pre-construction picture you can on the end of the spar there is a place for an l-angle bracket to be attached and in turn it is attached to the rib.

Unfortunately when I knocked the rivets out they did not go through the l-angle and are stuck in place. I can’t yet see a way that I can remove them with out taking the skin off the spar, and I really don’t want to do that. I will maybe consult some “local experts” for ideas over the next week or so.

I have the feeling I am going to get a lot more practice at removing rivets.