Nose Skin Preparation (3 hr)

Today started with a quick opening of all the holes in the wing skin stiffeners to an A4 rivet size hole.

After some lunch and shopping I got the inboard nose skin clecoed in place

I then started the painful process of drilling every hole in the skin to first size 30 and then size 20. Most of these holes go through the spar so they take more effort than usual. I was pleased that my drill was up to the task. On the other wing I had my Dad helping and we used two drills to make very light work of it. I am tempted to send Dad an airplane ticket.

I then added the outboard nose skin and did the same with that

I am pretty lax with wearing the safety glasses but this is one task that generates a lot of ribbon waste from the metal and they go everywhere so I was wearing my goggles like a good boy. Next up is to install the trailing edge.