Rear Fuselage Horizontal Tail Frames (2.5h)

Before taking care of the l-angles on the side skin we fitted the HT frames (it took me many days to work out that HT stood for Horizontal Tail) to the pre-drilled holes

so that we could measure and cut an l-angle to go between them. This unhelpful picture shows the l-angle drilled and clecoed in place between the two frames. The l-angle is underneath that row of diagonal clecos.

With that done, time to remove everything, deburr and prime. Here I am deburring some l-angles, or at least I think it is me, as it seems that my Dad has a bit of a shaky hand with the camera.

Here is the side skin with the stiffeners riveted in place. The l-angle that goes between the HT frames won’t get riveted until final assembly of the whole rear fuselage.

Lastly we clecoed the HT Frames to the bottom skin.