Pictures of Things to Come

Although it is way too hot to work in the hangar it didn’t stop us going out this morning to inventory the FWF kit that came a couple of months ago. Very impressive packing from Zenith as usual and what I like this time is that all the components are bagged together in sections, makes it very easy to find that bolt the plans call for.

Here’s inside the crate after removing half a forest of packing paper


I unpacked everything and here it all is… the cowling halves


Engine mount

Engine mounting frame





Oil Cooler

Oil cooler

Propeller Parts

Propeller pieces

Sure is a lot of things to go on the plane but yet very exciting that we are almost in a position to add them.

I don’t think I mentioned it on the blog but thanks to a better than expected annual bonus I shelled out for the official Zenith upholstery kit. There’s a lot in the box but not a single instruction and I scratched my head for a long time before working out what to do with it all (i.e. I asked Zenith and forum). Aside from cushions, there’s also a cover for the control stick, a glare shield and some fancy carpeting to go down the sides of the cabin. Anyway, here’s a picture of a seat pan with the seats on.

Upholstered airplane seat

and here’s me trying it out, or rather the dogs trying it out with me in the way

Testing out the airplane seat

And finally, I got this awesome present from my wife for our anniversary in June

My anniversary chocks

Very cool gift, though I think I am now wed to that tail number (which I just last week re-reserved for another year). Sure would be nice to see those numbers in large font on the side of the plane sometime next year.

Well, that’s it for now, everyone stay cool in this lovely heat (113F in the hangar this afternoon when I had to go back for the seat pan).

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