“Final” Panel Design

Here’s the ‘final’ design image for my instrument panel. Only a couple of differences from the previous version. Most notably, there is a second throttle on the passenger side, and the choke has been moved away from the pilot-side throttle to avoid confusion in an emergency.

Second panel design

The panel is going to be made with a two-piece .040 overlay on top of my existing panel, the green line shows where the two pieces will be split. This is more expensive than just cutting holes in the existing panel but has the advantage of being a lot stronger in the face of engine vibrations, and I’ll be able to remove half the panel at any time to work behind on the other half.

The only thing preventing this from being finalised is that I need to check that the wiring harness I have for the radio has cables long enough for the headset jacks to reach the edges. Otherwise I will have to relocate them to the centre.

My panel cutter says it will take him less than a week to produce once I send him the panel. He also wants my power panel as he intends to cut holes in the panel for each switch, rather than a single large hole that it will all sit in.

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