Vinyl Wrapping – Wings Edition (w/pics)

Next up was to wrap the first wing. we took the passenger wing off and put it on the horses. First the brackets got wrapped, red on the strut parts,

Wrapped strut bracket

white on the slat parts.

Wrapped slat bracket

I made an executive decision that the top of the fuel cap should be red.

Red fuel cap

We managed to get a good two thirds of the plane wrapped on the first day (Scott joined Allen and me), and then Allen and I finished it on the second day. I have to say it looks really nice.

Wrapped wing

but hard for the camera to capture it

Wrapped wing

We are getting a lot better at wrapping things, very few blemishes on the wing wrap. Next sitting we will put the wing in the stand and work on the pilot side wing.

Today I was supposed to fit the root skins on but while bending the wing root angle to shape I realised I had put the crimps on the wrong side of the angle so it was actually curved upside down. This pretty much stopped play and I will have to order a new part. I had a small order in to Zenith anyway, a few bolts I can’t find and a couple of grommets that I think we used for the brake line. I’ll add it to that.

I did however, get the fuel line attached and through the spar.

Fuel line inside the wing

And in a moment of curiosity I wanted to see how the slats fitted on so I clecoed one in place

Slat trial fit

and from there I could work out that one of the slats must fit inside the other so that they match up with all of the attachment brackets.

My wife came to visit and brought some noodles with her for the flaperon arms and pitot tube.

Noodles on the ouchie parts of the wing

Will hopefully stop people walking into them and/or hurting themselves too much. I did this to myself one afternoon this weekend

Plane building accident

Still some bite left in the plane build, it would seem. That might actually be my worst injury of the project but a couple of plasters was all it needed. And for the curious… I had a drill with a long drill bit in it on the floor, and I stepped back and caught it on my leg. Rather than falling over, like it would normally do, it stuck in my leg and went around for a nice straight cut for 5 inches or so.

Be careful out there.