Jury Strut Install

Here’s a nice little self-contained project, installing the jury struts on the wings.

The lower strut goes half way between the top and bottom bolts on each wing strut.

Marking location of lower jury strut

The lower jury strut fixes to the strut via a bushing and an eyelet.

Lower jury strut installed

The other struts have to be trimmed to the proper length as well as to fit on the lower strut.

Front jury strut installed

The diagonal jury strut goes between rear and front

Diagonal jury strut installed

Finally the rear jury strut is installed and the pilot wing is complete

Rear jury strut installed

Repeat for the passenger side

Passenger side jury strut

I think it looks pretty good with the white and red vinyl.

In other news we finally came to grips with the electrical charging system for the engine and I think we now have a complete picture of all the wires needed to put on the engine side of things. More wire ordered.

I’ve also been in some discussion with MGL about my transponder issue. They are suggesting that my TX wire from the EFIS isn’t connecting to the RX on the remote unit: it appears to be receiving a signal but isn’t able to send one. Next weekend I’ll take that wire join apart and test with bare wires and, if successful, will re-join them.

Starting to think about engine start early next year……!