Engine Wiring

The transponder still isn’t working, MGL determined that the panel isn’t able to send to the remote unit but we checked there was continuity pin to pin so I don’t know what could be the problem. I’m hoping Matt at MGL has more ideas – some problem connected to the antenna?? I don’t know.

In the meantime Allen joined me yesterday for some engine wiring high jinks, installing the sensors. We started with the easy ones…. the coolant temperature sensor is a simple spade terminal.

Coolant temperature sensor

As is the oil temperature

Oil temperature sensor

The oil pressure requires the assembly of a special plug. I think previous engines came with the cable but we have to make our own. Our first attempt with flat pin terminals

Making the oil pressure probe

I had bought a Molex crimping tool but we couldn’t figure out how to use it so did this mostly with pliers and used the crimper to finish it.

Making the oil pressure probe

And installed on the engine

Oil pressure sensor

Not sure if the cable is working though, the panel shows the (engine off, no oil) pressure as 138psi whereas I would think it would say 0? Something to check.

During the week I received some more battery cables and hooked up the ground to the engine block

Engine block ground

and the ground from the RDAC unit has to be grounded to the engine as well. We put the power cable onto the solenoid but did not hook it up to the battery, we will do that when finally ready to go.

Engine ground and solenoid hookup

We also attached a cable from the solenoid to the starter on the engine

Starter hook up

Still to hook up the RPM sensors and the fuel pressure sensor. I haven’t worked out where the fuel pressure sensor is yet, or obviously how to hook it up to anything. The manual “shows” where it is, but says nothing about the connection.

Today I returned to the hangar to work on the rectifier. The charging circuit requires a pretty hefty capacitor which I purchased but it didn’t come with any mounting hardware. The previous day Allen had come up with the idea of using old fashioned plumbers tape and this was a fantastic idea. First rivet two strips to the firewall

DIY Capacitor mount

And then use a bolt to strap the capacitor in tight.

Capacitor install

I then made up the wires for the rectifier. The generator wires sadly did not quite reach so I had to extend then an inch. I added a 30A fuse to the circuit before the main power wire gets routed to the panel

Rectifier hooked up

which is the black wire going in under the nut in this picture

Rectifier power installed

With the two fuel sender wires also coming in, the RDAC unit is finally looking like it might be in use

RDAC Senros wires

Engine start is definitely on the horizon, can see it from here for sure. Before that though I need to install the last two sensors (fuel pressure and rpm), wire up the ignition circuit, install the throttle and choke cables, and then I think do a thorough hose and cable check before going through the pre-first start steps. Excited yet?