Choke Install

I had Christmas Eve Eve off so Allen and I worked on the choke cable. We had plans to do a lot more but it took a while to work out how the cables attached to thing, the usual thing. Not many pictures but here is the choke control coming in from the panel

Choke cable from panel

and here is the assembly that pulls the two choke cables attached to the engine.

Choke cable assembly

I’m going to go back and fix that joining piece so that is vertical, though I’m not entirely sure it matters so long as both cables are activated at the same time. Also need to trim the cables but will do that when everything is working for sure.

Here’s an unexciting picture of the choke knob on the pilot side of things

Choke cable

For some reason the control is very tight, you can open the choke all the way but the control springs back in about half way. I’m not sure how to loosen it up so have asked on the Zenith board. I need to be able to put the control out and leave it there, or grow an extra arm to work the ignition and throttle.