Passenger Throttle Install

In examining the choke cable install I found out that the pilot side throttle attach point is missing the bolt assembly for holding the cable on. I can’t imagine why I would have removed that but I must have played with it at some point and put the pieces somewhere and now they are lost. The washers and the nut aren’t too difficult but the bolt has a hole for the wire at a certain point which I’m sure I can’t buy very easily. You’d think I’d take better care of these small and hard to source items.

Not being able to do the pilot side then, I started with the passenger throttle (a good question here is why I didn’t just move the pax side bolt to the pilot side and do it first). Way back when I had the panel made, George Race suggested a specific grommet for the cable to pass through the firewall so I set about installing that.

Here’s the holes all drilled out

Hole for throttle cable pass through

and with the cable and everything installed

Passenger throttle cable installed

Note that I’ve also installed the cable that goes to the engine for the throttle. For a while I had forgotten that the wire had to be installed so I could pull it all the way back for idle, there wasn’t enough room on the firewall to pull the cable back without interference. But it was easy to readjust the cable holders once I worked out what was needed.

Here’s another unexciting picture of a control knob

Passenger throttle

But to counter that, here’s some video of the throttle being moved by that very same knob.

Throttle cable

Finally I put the rpm sensor wires into the RDAC unit, starting to fill up nicely

More wires in the RDAC

Some of the readings on the panel were odd but I realised that some of the DIP switches on the RDAC were incorrect so happy to say that now my oil pressure reads zero, and my fuel gauge something like 0.1g. Hopefully they will read more when there’s something to measure.