Ignition Switch

Today I spent a little time in the hangar, mostly doing the post-assembly work on a nice new tool chest that my wife gave me. Now when I lose something I’ll at least have the area narrowed down significantly.

Beyond that I had a play with my panel as I’ve been trying to install updated software and new maps but it won’t mount the SD card. So I took the card home, reformatted it and tried again but it still won’t mount it. I’m beginning to see a trip to MGL in my near future. Yeah, go on, say it, I wouldn’t be having this trouble with a Dynon system.

That aside I removed the ignition switch from the panel so I could attach the various wires to it. I had been thinking I’d have to solder the wires on but I was delighted to see tiny screws instead. So I set to work crimping on connectors and screwing them into place.

Ignition switch wires

A couple of things – the mag wires have their shielding exposed so they can be run to a ground. Mine are too short to tie together so I’ll have to run wires from each and into a common wire. Also in this picture I’ve forgotten that the starter terminal needs two wires, one goes to the starter relay, and the other to a STRT terminal on the power panel which isolates the panel from power spikes when the starter is engaged.

During the wiring my screwdriver slipped off one of the tiny tiny screws and it went flying across the desk. Not being able to believe my carelessness with these things I started to look for it and fortunately it did not take long. But much to my delight, right next to it was the missing bolt from the throttle attach point on the engine!! A Festivus miracle!!! I didn’t see the washer or nut but those I have or can buy locally, what a relief.