Quick Update (It’s Been a While)

I am sure no one has been wondering where I’ve been but I thought I would post a quick update. To cut a long story short I decided that the rudder was twisted. At Zenith’s suggestion I unriveted much of the skin to try and locate which rib was causing the twist and in so doing I decided just to replace all the ribs. So I ordered three new ribs, installed with much more care (and now the steel beams), and I have deemed the rudder acceptable. Like Chris Heintz says, we’re not building a rocket.

With this done I felt ok ordering the next kit, and this week I placed an order for the Tail Kit and the Slats/Flaperons kit. Ordering the two together saved maybe $300 or more on the cost of ordering each separately and I figured that was worth it. Zenith called me to confirm a few details and it looks like my kits are due to be sent out at the end of the month. More later.

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