Fuel Gauge, Passenger Seat

Started out today transferring the 12 gallons of petrol in the pilot tank into the passenger tank one gallon at a time, and making a note of the value being shown by the panel after each turn. This took over an hour but the good news is that the sender behaved properly and the gauge is now calibrated.

After that I got ready to rivet the passenger seat

About to rivet seat pan

and did

Passenger seat pan riveted

I am very happy that I got the placement of the transponder just right, it is very easily accessible through the lightening holes in the pan.

The baggage area came out nicely

Baggage area riveted

and with the pan in place I was able to put the seat in.

Passenger seat in

I got in to give it a go, with some cushions in, I reckon that isn’t a bad place to be sat. I may regret not drilling some alternative holes for the seat position but we shall see.

To end the day I made and installed some stripes to go on the top of the fuselage

Top Stripes On

That picture makes it look like I did a damn good job of lining them up!

Well that’s it for another weekend. Right now this project is all about the windshield and doors…. they are the key to finishing. We’ll get to the windshield next time.