This Weekend: The Good

I took a day off work to get an extra session on the plane as we rush towards the summer. Last entry I bemoaned that we hadn’t thought about the position of the cowl and the windshield where they are too close but…. a closer look at the pictures showed that we were a long way from finished with trimming back the windshield.

Allen got out his sander tank and went to work, and he must have spent a good 90 minutes overall taking at least an inch and a half off of the windshield. I offered to give it a go but I think he didn’t want to have all his hard work go to waste with one “oh shit” moment from me. But the windshield was finally back behind the firewall rivet line and I could put the rubber trim on and everything looked good.

Trim glued to windshield

Now that the windshield sits up straighter, the side holes were no longer a match to the existing holes so I used my hole finder to drill new ones in the window and, with a little more trimming of the metal cover and door hinge, the window was back to fitting again.

Window trimmed and fit to side mounts

With that in place, we can start back on the final fitting of the doors (though I think we still need a solution for keeping the front part of the door from blowing out in the air).

I also set about some of the regulatory work such as installing the passenger warning sign, and labeling the panel.

Passenger warning

I think the warning side should just be an arrow saying “This guy built this, are you sure?” Not sure about my labels, may reprint them in white on a black background.

Got my plane registration document in the mail so I am officially an airplane owner!

My airplane registration

(yeah you wish you had Photoshop skills like me). Airplane registrations are a matter of public record so it seems silly to cover up my address but I took that picture for the unwasheds of Instagram so thought I’d scrub it to at least make it a little harder.

Now that I officially own N750PS, I could decorate my bird with her new tail feathers.

Tail number on

I must say that the back looks mighty fine.