This Weekend: The Bad

So the windshield was in place on the fuselage, cleco in the top hole of each side so that I could lift it up a bit to slide the rubber on. Except of course this didn’t mean I could lift it all the way up, a fact that I didn’t think much about until I heard the noise I’d been dreading ever since I first started drilling holes into the plastic pieces.

Windshield crack

Yep, cracked it where the cleco was, goes for a couple of inches maybe, fortunately not too far up towards the top. But I couldn’t believe after all this time I’d cracked the damn thing. Oh shit, indeed.

At Allen’s suggestion I drilled a stop hole at the end of the crack which will hopefully prevent it from spreading.

Drilled stop hole in window

I definitely can’t use that hole any more so will drill a new hole either side of that for fastening to the cabin frame.