Roof Vinyl Wrapping

During the week a couple of large boxes arrived containing the metal to replace the wing root skin that doesn’t fit, and to make some l-angles to extend the rib upwards. The boxes are big, no idea how I ordered so much. Math not my strong point I suppose.

Anyway, before we can work on that, I really need the sunroof installed and for that I need the white vinyl on the roof to be finished. It is a much easier job when done with two so Teri agreed to come help me after church. So in the meantime I started draining the passenger fuel tank and it is SO much better with the Curtis drain valves. No petrol body bath, no gallon spills all over the floor, just a couple of splashes while I pushed the valve into the open position. I was even able to leave it running hands free while I smoked a cigarette.

Curtis Drain Success

It then took us 90 minutes or so to cut and install three pieces of white vinyl to complete the roof

Roof completed

Roof completed

Roof completed

I still don’t have a clue yet how to build up the ribs to get a proper fit for the skin up to the roof so that might yet be a while. In the meantime I continue to tick things off the list.

Btw, I don’t smoke at all, so that was a little joke up there, nothing for any safety minded people to get alarmed over.