Passenger Wing Root Skin

Today we set out to make and install a new wing root skin for the pilot side. The idea was to add an l-angle to the existing rib to build up a new platform for the skin to sit on, and of course to make a new skin piece that was wide enough.

Using a ruler edge, we could determine how high the l-angle needed to be, so some cuts and clamps later the l-angle was in position.

Pilot drilled l-angle

A new skin was created by tracing around the existing one and making it the required extra width. I drilled through the existing holes to make ones in the new skin and created a new line of holes for the l-angle by measuring across from the existing rib holes. I got carried away and drilled the rib holes when there really was no use for them any more.

Riveting the root skin

Everything seemed to fit good so it was decided to go ahead. Before riveting I cleaned up inside the skin and also fastened down the sender cable.

Ready for skin installation

The final riveted product

Root skin riveted

and a closer view of the edge

Root skin riveted

With an eye to getting the side windows in, I enlarged the holes. At least until my drill ran out of juice.

Enlarging side window holes