Pilot Wing Root Skin

Another day and time to do the pilot side. This one went more quickly thanks to the experience of the day before.An l-angle was cut and installed on the rib

Ready to rivet pilot root skin

and a new skin cut and drilled

Drilling Pilot root skin

I totally forgot not to drill the rib holes but only drilled a handful before Allen pointed it out. Here’s the final install (I love how shiny this new aluminium is).

Pilot root skin installed

Here’s a view with both new skins on.

Both root skins installed

That was about it for today but while evaluating what is left to do and in what order, we took a look at the rudder cables which were a bit loose. A little manipulating of the rudder and turnbuckles and tension was restored to both cables. I measured it with the meter

Measuring rudder cable tension

We’re looking for 30 +/- 5 so we’re good.