Interior Wrapping and Side Windows

To get the doors on, I need the windshield on. To get the windshield on I need vinyl underneath it, and whatever covering I get on top of the instrument panel. To get the side vinyl on, I need the windows in. Once the windows are in I won’t be able to get in and do any interior vinyl so… long story short, I did some more interior vinyl.

More vinyl in the baggage area

And then finished the rear side window.

Side window installed

Looking at the other window I realised I had to wrap the interior where it goes so some more unexpected wrapping took place. A few more pieces later and I could install the middle windows.

All side windows installed

And an interior view

Side windows

I didn’t expect having the windows in to make much difference to the look but it really has added quite a bit to how it all looks.

Over the weekend I went shopping for a covering for the panel and think I have something picked out. It is a grey vinyl piece with a thin fabric backing. Not sure how to stick it down… thinking heavy duty double sided tape.

Next up, side vinyl wrapping.