Passenger-side Vinyl Wrapping

This weekend has been all about vinyl and as usual that means a very dull post. By the end of Saturday morning we had only managed to wrap the rest of the passenger side of the fuselage

Pax side finished in white

Note that the window is off so that I can install the panel covering. There’s a lot of rivets on the side panel and sadly there are a couple of areas where the vinyl is a bit beat up.

I had a wedding to go to for the rest of the day so today I came back and used the heat gun on all the rivets – picking up two blisters on the way. Then I added some some red to the area where the door goes.

Red accent

I need to keep filling in the inside, still no real idea what to do in the baggage area. At this point it is just going to be more vinyl.

While messing around under the plane Allen noticed that the transponder antenna was bent. When he went to straighten it, it broke off in his hands

Broken antenna

I was a little worried about how to get at it with the seats in but the antenna is perfectly placed for access through the holes in the seat pan and it was easy to get the antenna out. I will order a new one.

Lastly today, in order to make sure I got to check something off the list, I installed the data plate

Data plate installed

I forget if I’ve posted a picture of this before

Data plate

Last week we noticed that the ELT cable is caught up with the bungee that holds the rudder cables apart. I need to disentangle that and find a way to route the cable into the baggage area to the ELT. Something for next week.