Engine Compartment Finish Up

I got home Friday to see a nice collection of parcels containing all the things I needed to finish up the engine bay. It’s getting a tad warm out here – highs have been in the 119 area – so an early start was needed.

I actually did this next thing a while ago but am not making a separate entry for it. I wrapped the radiator hoses in some thermo wrap that can withstand 1000F and easily velcros into place, no need to take the hose off to slip something on.

Thermo wrap on coolant hose

To keep it in place I used steel ties at the front of the engine where the wrap is closest to the exhaust, and nylon ties at the back where it is much cooler. I’m confident this will keep the hoses cool from the heat.

I was a little unimpressed with how the silicone tape looks, was expecting more given the wonder powers that it has.

"Magic" Silicone tape

Everywhere there was a nylon tie around the steel frame, it was replaced with a new one over an area of the tape.

Nylon ties on silicone tape

I’d also bought some nylon wire loom rated up to 150C for protecting the sensor wires.

Electrical wires in nylon loom

Another popular use for the silicone tape is a cheap way to seal the ends of firesleeve

Sealing firesleeves

And finally, some high temperature sealant was placed around and inside the two areas where the wires pass through the firewall.

Sealing firewall cut through

All in all, I feel a lot happier with the engine compartment and protection from fire and heat. I dare say that Matt might have some suggestions for other things to do but I think the engine bay is in very good shape. Famous last words, I am sure.

Improved engine bay

Finally, my new data plate is here

New data plate

and it is installed on the plane where the old one was.

New data plate installed

And that I think completes the engine area until the inspection throws up some flags. I will put the cowling back on in preparation for some taxi tests and other moving operations.