More Odds and Ends

It is a four day weekend for me but that isn’t as useful as it sounds as the high temps are in the low 110s (low 40s for my metric cousins) and the hangar is close to 100 by 11am… so early starts are what’s needed. On this early start I completed what I think is the last item in the engine bay: sealing a couple of firesleeve ends

Sealing firesleeve

I also added a clamp to the fire return hose for good measure, though that silicone tape is unlikely to break or give a gap. I removed the clamp off the other side of the return hose so I could add some silicone tape as a sealer there, too.

Sealing firesleeve

After this I put the cowling back on and I am calling the engine good until I have the inspection (or something happens).

Previously I think I mentioned that I needed to go back and double wire the safety tie on the turnbuckles which I did for the outside lines

Double wire safety tied

and inside

Internal turnbuckles double wire safety tied

Lastly I put some new labels on that I think are more compliant with the regulations.

New labels

New labels

New labels

And on the power panel I used some black tape to remove the labels on switches that are not in use.

Hiding some labels

(hey, its the return of the out of focus pic of the week).

Going through the 154 point check list, I am down now to just a couple of items, all engine related:

  • brake pad condition (so not really to do with the engine, but needs the engine on to do it)
  • Mag check (I did one today at 3000rpm and the drops were ok, but needs to be done at 4000)
  • More time on the engine

and all the required paperwork, I am way behind getting that together.

But the application paperwork is now all into the FAA so once they have approved the inspection, I can set a date with Matt to come out and show me what a death trap I’ve built.