Day 22: Flaperon Hinge Brackets (1h 30m)

Each nose rib has a hinge bracket attached which is made out of the small l-angles that had holes previously marked and drilled. The bracket attaches to both the spar and the nose rib so to find the correct position, each bracket was alinged with the top of the spar and clamped into place for drilling.

The holes were first pilot drilled using the number 40 bit and then opened to the big number 20 for A5 rivets. It was quite a tight squeeze for the drill to get in against the nose rib but, thanks to a brand new air drill (which is a joy to use, so light!), it turned out ok.

To provide the right fit against the wing, each bracket has a corner removed where it fits up against the bottom of the spar and the nose rib. With the bracket cleco’d to the spar, a line was drawn where the spar touched the bracket and then, with the bracket removed, a cut line was drawn from the bend down to the line.