Day 23: Flaperon Hinge Brackets (1hr 15m)

The instructions suggest using a band saw to cut the corners from the brackets but I didn’t have one available so I borrowed a hacksaw from my brother in law. I set to the first bracket and immediately found a problem – with no vise I have no way to keep the piece steady while sawing. I got round it by doing my best to keep it secure with my left hand and after a lot of frustration I had my first bracket cut and filed smooth.

It had been my intention to get all 8 brackets cut and riveted to a spar but the effort required to saw and keep the metal in place was too painful so I got 4 done and set the other 4 aside. The same brother in law who lent me the hacksaw offered me a vise so once I get that I think the other 4 will be a lot easier.

Before I could rivet the brackets to their respective spars I had to deburr all the holes and apply primer to the areas that touch. I re-cleco’d the brackets in place and with the air gun, pulled some A5 rivets to attach the brackets to two spars.

Note that the rivets have been pulled from the spar side, this is because it is a general rule that the rivet head should be on the thinner metal side and the bracket is quite a lot thicker than both the spar and nose rib.

From here on, I’ll concentrate on finishing the first flaperon which will be the passenger-side inboard one. As preparation for this, I placed the spar inside the skin and cleco’d them together using pre-drilled holes in the skin and the bottom of the spar.