Day 56: Re-assembly Prep (3 hr)

It’s hot (have I mentioned that yet) and so its a case of just doing a little when I feel like it and so today was some time to get things ready for rivet time. It started with finishing the deburring and then adding corrosion protector to a few surfaces. I’ve decided to take a “protect as I go” approach this time around.

Next up was soldering the 5-wire cable that runs the length of the spar to the trim tab servo. I was confused by this for quite some time because the colour of the wires on each cable did not match and for a while I considered posting a question on the builders forums. But luckily, before I did I had the genius idea of looking at the plans (note to self: do this more often) and look what I found.

It has been a long time since I did any soldering (did you know Americans pronounce that word very differently than us Brits?) but I think I did an ok job and then I heat shrink-wrapped each join

and then I wrapped all five into one. The plastic wrapping comes quite large and then you use a hair dryer to make it contract tightly onto the wires.

Once the primer was dry I reassembled the spar, ribs and rear channel and riveted them together with the hand riveter.

and closer

Finally, I attached the tip ribs and pins.

and from the inside

Quite a productive day.