Day 71: Wing Skeleton Completion (4hr 15m)

The wing skeleton has a rear channel that is made up of two channels that get joined in the middle together with the strut attach bracket.

A angle bracket is then attached to one of the channels (I forget which it was) and one side is back drilled into for some A5 rivets.

Here is the rear channel attached to the skeleton, it lines up nicely with the rear ribs.

There is a really thick doubler that goes inside the rear channel at the inboard end. This photo shows the location but it is wrong in that the ends of the ribs are supposed to go on the outside of the doubler, not the inside. We noticed that afterwards.

At the outboard end of the spar, there is a spar tip that needs to be attached. In the video, there is quite a bit of work needed to mark, clamp and drill the holes but Zenith now pre-drills the essential ones so it just a matter of cleco’ing it in place and backdrilling through some holes.

After this, we went through and opened all the holes to their proper size which is A5 in every case bar two which take an AN5-3A bolt. Much to my Dad’s despair I told him we had to disassemble the whole thing for deburring, I had forgotten the pain one feels the first time one hears that.

Having someone deburr with you is great, not least because it takes half the time, so those nasty burrs were soon gone and we re-assembled the skeleton, priming as we went.

When all the primer was dry we riveted and put in the two bolts.

And that completes the pilot side wing skeleton.