Wing Tip Install (1hr 30m)

For the wingtips I bought a 3 in 1 navigation/position/strobe LED light from Zenith, the Pulsar-EXP from AeroLeds. With the wing tip in place I drilled the mounting holes for the light into the wing tip and then disassembled everything for deburring. After deburring I put the wing tip back in place (minus the nose skin) so I could attach the mounting bracket and attach the wire to the back.

The landing light fits nicely on to the bracket and then a set screw in the right hand end is used to tighten the assembly.

Behind the light, I attached some shielded electrical wire to the wires on the fixture, and made up some grounding cables for the ground wire, and to run from a mounting bracket screw.

Before closing up the nose skin I wanted to test the wiring so I hooked up the wires to a 12V battery to check that it still worked.

Once I was sure everything was working I pushed the nose skin back up and used ratchet straps to bring it tight against the ribs.

Then it was time to rivet.

The view from the tip sure is pretty

I’m quite pleased with how the wing is doing, but there are a couple of blemishes with the wing tup fitting where the aluminium isn’t flush with the fibreglass and has buckled a tiny bit. It doesn’t look pretty but I am sure is aerodynamically fine. I’m going to see what I can do about that, and try much harder for the other wing.

Next up: test the fuel tank, install the root skin, close up the nose skin.