Finishing the Tail

With time running out before the summer, I took a day off and Allen was able to join me and brought Scott with him, too. It always seems that when there’s more of us working, there’s less opportunity to take pictures.

So we wrapped the rest of the rudder

Wrapped rudder

and then we went to install the upper rudder fairing and the holes hardly aligned at all. Not sure how this could have happened, it was all cheerily clecoed together before, my only thought is perhaps that now the stabalizer was on tight and proper, it had moved forward a bit? So, I drilled new holes along the side into the l-angles, clecoed and riveted.


I still wonder about the floppyness in the “arms” at the rudder end; Zenith says it is fine but I can see me putting a bracket between them before all is said and done. Anyway, we wrapped the fairing in red and I do not have a picture of that.

Next up was to run the trim tab wire down the fuselage which we did by clamping it to the rear rib, and then tieing it to the wire we already ran (which was too short) and pulling it through.

Trim wire down the fuselage

Then we bolted the rudder in place using the proper bushings, grease, washers, bolts, and cotter pins. This week’s blurry pic goes to the upper mount

Rudder lower mount

and here is the lower mount

Rudder upper mount

And here is the completed tail

Wrapped tail

Came out pretty good, I think.

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