Flaperon Install

This morning was a bit warmer than last but still seemed good enough to steal a couple of hours to finish wrapping the wing struts. My order of white vinyl had come during the week so I nipped over to slap it on.

Except that when I opened the tube the white was a very bright white, not like the ones I already have, and sure enough I had ordered the wrong shade of white: satin vs satin pearl. Well at least it was only a very small amount.

Rather than leave I thought I would take a look at what is next for the flaperons install, specifically with how they attach to the control mixer and by the end of 90 minutes I had the control mixer attached to both the horizontal and vertical control rods.

The horizontal ones drive the “aileron” component of the flaperon – when the stick is turned left or right, the arms move the flaperons up/down as appropriate.

Horizontal control arms on control mixer

The flaperons themselves are pushed up and down by horizontal rods coming off the control mixer assembly.

This was supposed to be a picture of the installed rod but all you can barely see is the back of the lock nut. Ah well.

Vertical control rods on control mixer

And in keeping with pictures that make you go huh? Here’s an attempt to show that the top of the control rod is now accessible through the cut out in the fuselage.

Vertical control rod in view

There’s not much space to work in that space so it was pretty fiddly and I had to take things apart in order to get the vertical rods in – next time, do them first. But all that’s between me and working flaperons is to attach the flaperons to the top of the rod. To get to that I need to drill a hole behind the rod so that I can get to it and attach the bolt. First step is to locate where exactly that holes goes. Quite some time ago I ordered some of George Race’s neat access cover holes to cover them when I am done.