Flaperon Install Part 2

Now the mornings are getting cool I should be able to sneak a couple of hours and there before the real cooldown starts and we can get this project finished. Well, more finished, anyway.

To attach the flaperons to the rods I needed to cut an access hole in the baggage area where the rod is. For this I used a menacing-looking 2.5″ hole saw.

2.5" Hole saw

I guessed a location for the hole

Flaperon access hole

and while it works, it would have been better an inch or so higher up. With the access hole available I could assemble the flaperon bracket, rod and mounting hardware (bolt and a stand off) to join flaperon with controls.

Flaperon arm attached

Here you can see how the access hole is a little low.

Flaperon arm through hole

The passenger side rod was jammed against something and would not budge to allow me to install the bolt, so I had to get underneath again and figure out what was wrong. While I was there I looked again at the plans and noticed that I had installed everything on the wrong side of the mixer so I redid it.

Properly installed control mixer

This has the expected consequence that the passenger side rod was free of whatever the problem was and I was able to hook it up too.

Pax side flaperon

A quick play with the motor and the control stick verified that everything was working as I hoped, and without having to enlarge the holes in the fuselage.

This bemused me so I took this video


Next up is to wrap everything and then do a final install making sure that the flaperons are properly set for straight flight when the control stick is centred. I got some advice from Wayne as to how he did his, I will also look at the Zenith forums for some advice.