Some Small Things

Some things to do around the house meant I didn’t get to spend as much as time I had planned at the hangar so didn’t make a dent in the to do list. But…..

I did finish the vinyl on the wings, added red to the wing root.

Vinyl wrapped wing root

The FAA requires two “Experimental” decals to be placed on the plane in clear view of any people intending to enter it – one more “this guy built this, are you sure”. I’d bought mine in red which meant it couldn’t go inside above the door so I chose to display it front and centre.

Experimental decal

I have to say that looks pretty sharp.

I got the file out and finished the scoops on the cowling. Except I suspect I should do some more, really no idea how big the hole is supposed to be.

Scoops cut out

Lastly in the final minutes I had I safety wired one of the exhaust springs.

Safety wiring exhaust spring

Not sure if that is the best way to do it. Maybe I should wire each end of the spring separately. Lots more springs to wire.

I’m going to remove the firehose until the inspection/first flight, see what the inspector has to say about it.