Nose Skin and Root Skin Preparation (2 hrs)

With Teri’s help, I bent the nose skin back over onto the spar and used the ratchet strips to pull it tight over the nose ribs.

With the nose skin clecoed into place I took the earlier smashed up wing root angle and slipped it inside the top and nose skins.

The wing root skin rests on the root angle and the inboard rib and the instructions call for making sure that the angle between the two is consistent.

I had to bend some parts of the angle strip back up where it had been crimped too much. I had been expecting it to be not crimped enough.

At this point I got out the wing root skin and started to see how it would fit along the root angle. It doesn’t. No matter how I push it or move it around there are gaps at one end or the other. I retired to the forums and I found pleas for helps and answers that this is one of the hardest parts of the whole build. Great. The good news is that this doesn’t matter until assembly time so I am going to punt it until then, and get on with the right wing.

But first, I installed the fuel neck trim piece I bought.

Note that I had to trim it where the nose skin would otherwise overlap.

Before this though I had riveted much of the nose skin, leaving enough undone for me to mess about more with the wing root angle later if I need to.

And with that, I am done with this wing!! Next up is the right wing but before then I am going to build a wing stand that someone demonstrated on the forums. It will allow me to store the wing upright, give me more chance of finding somewhere it fits.