Fuel Tank and Channel (2 hrs)

Being somewhat eager to reclaim our garage space there is a small pressure on to get the wing in a transportable state in the next couple of weekends. My brother in law has kindly offered us a Company vehicle in which to load the parts but before that, we need a second wing. To do list: wire lights down spar; install fuel tank; deburr; rivet.

The fuel tank is the big thing, let’s get that out of the way (and not least because I find it a bit scary). First off I covered it in cork strips wherever there would be metal touching metal. Then, holding it firmly in place I chose a location for the fuel channel and drilled through the pre-drilled holes into the bottom skin.

I’m going to need more cork at the top of the tank as I think it is touching the underside of the spar and I am told that will wear a nice hole in everything one day. Here’s come cork around the fuel filler.

In order to secure the channel inside the bay, two l-angles get cut and riveted on each end to provide a means of attaching the channel to the ribs. Here is a not very instructive picture of one of the ends riveted to the l-angle.

Finally I put the channel back inside the wing and opened the holes to size 30 and that was it for the day.

Why I didn’t take the extra 15 minutes to drill the side l-angles I do not know as then the fuel tank is done bar installing the sender unit. Next time.